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    At Becker’s Tree Services, we ensure the health of your groves with timely tree removals and regular pruning.
    With over 25 years of tree care, our tree company has built a reputation for honest, efficient, and effective tree service. The specialists at our company have experience working with trees of almost all species and sizes.
    Consider our family-owned and operated tree removal company your ally in solving tree and stump problems in the Levittown area. Contact us at (215) 943-1016 for fast emergency tree removal.
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Our Services

Emergency services
Tree Removal

If your tree is diseased, dead, or dying, sometimes the only solution is tree removal. Our tree removal company takes out the entire tree, leaving nothing behind. You can rest assured knowing we always clean up after ourselves following tree cutting services.

Tree pruning trimming
Tree Trimming

Regular tree trimming keeps your tree from becoming unbalanced and threatening damage to your property. Meanwhile, tree pruning helps you maintain a beautiful aesthetic in your yard. End your search for a reliable tree service company in Levittown, PA, with us!

Stump removal
Stump Removal

Getting rid of stubborn stumps is no small feat, which is why it’s important to bring in the big guns. We provide a stump grinding process that eliminates the headache and time commitment. This stump removal technique also leaves your yard intact.

Tree Cleanup

Trees can create quite a mess. Whether you need scrap removal after a job or just a seasonal tree cleanup for the leaves, you can count on us. We guarantee our tree trimming removal service will leave your yard spotless.


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Thank you Charlie, Amy and the crew. Needed trimming of large white pines ASAP and these guys really helped me out. Thanks again, Edgely Road.

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I would recommend this tree service to everyone. The owner showed up on time for the estimate, he was friendly as well as funny. He gave me a great price to remove a large tree from my front yard.
He showed up the next day and cut down the tree and ground the stump. I spoke to my neighbor later when I came home and he said "I was coming outside to ask him a question and he was already done and gone."
It's always nice when someone does quality work for a great price.

star star star star star

WE had called a few companies to come out and give n estimate on taking down 3 huge trees in our back yard, We called and He came out right away, I think he was in the area. He was very blunt and to the point. He was not unprofessional, just honest and to the point, He quoted a price with taking all three down then advised that the 3rd tree was not dead and would not cause any danger and was honest about not needing to take it down. So with that the price was significantly lower. It was difficult to get the trucks and bucket out back but his crew did it with ease, cleaned up, of course there was wood chips over the stumps he grinned out for free.
the other companies were way too high and were suggesting all the other trees on the property. Beckers are honest and to the point! Just got eh job done!! thanks crew!!

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